Welcome to KA4RRU

9/23/06 Thanks Paul (brother of KA4RRU) Hanging doors in the shack during CQWW RTTY Contest

8/22/06 Thanks Alex (KE4BUS) for 99.9 % of the painting and "Mud" work and also for 100% of the carpet donation and install!!!

9/17 Thanks to Dean and Steve for all your work on the table!!!

2/28/07 Paul roughed in duct work in far end of basement.

4/29/07 K3UI worked in the hardline "room"

4/29/07 K3UI worked on netork cables.

Sat. 7/29 Thank you K3UI for your work on the coax!!!

7/29 Most of the dry wall is up and we taped and threw mud on the 1/2 that was done last week. Tnx wa4tk and k3ui for work done today.
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